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Henry Schein can help you educate patients on the oral systemic health connection and adjust patient protocols to improve patient health and practice profitability. Becoming a preventative health partner builds life-long relationships with your patients. Teach patients that regular visits to the dentist do not just maintain oral health, but may help prevent serious health conditions and maintain optimal overall wellbeing.

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Building a Total Health Dental Practice: Total Health Implementation Education
Learn how to transform oral systemic knowledge into action during this 2-day program. Dr. Susan Maples teaches doctors and teams how to adjust existing protocols to improve patient health and practice profitability.

Total Health Patient Brochure
Use this powerful educational tool to educate patients and motivate them to maintain dental visits, accept treatment, and comply with home hygiene recommendations.

Hands-On Learning Lab
The Hands-On Learning Lab Kit™ contains 50 super-engaging total health science experiences to enhance an ordinary prophy appointment.

SelfScreen.Net: Health Screening Tools
Self-Screen.net is a collection of five patient self-screening tools to help patients, dentists and physicians bridge the gap between oral health and systemic health.

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Henry Schein - Marketing - Kristen Esler

Karen McPartlin
Henry Schein Sales Consultant

Two of the most common areas of opportunity I find in dental offices are Recare and Perio, which can both be enhanced with a health and wellness focus. Patients fail to schedule timely hygiene visits because they don't understand...

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Henry Schein - Marketing - Annie Pava-Carreno

Annie Pava-Carreno
Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant

In today's world people are more informed and are taking greater responsibility for the choices that affect their wellbeing. Our Total Health program gives practices the tools and information needed to share the pivotal role of dentistry in health and wellness with their patients.

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