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Social media can be a valuable addition to your other practice-marketing activities. As more and more of our communications migrate to the Web, its importance as a business tool continues to increase exponentially. Your search engine ranking, Internet reputation, and presence on social media sites can have a significant impact on your patient flow. Henry Schein can help you develop and implement a successful social media strategy.

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Use social media to attract new patients, expand your relationships with existing patients, and enhance your online reputation.


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Henry Schein - Marketing - Gabi Garces

Gabi Garces
Henry Schein Business Development Specialist

One of the most powerful ways to maintain an impactful connection between your patients and your practice is by utilizing social media. Three of the most important parts of a successful social media marketing plan are strategizing...

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Henry Schein - Marketing - Jack Abrams

Jack Abrams
Henry Schein Sales Consultant

I have been helping my clients with social media for years. We start by discussing the marketing activities that create a good reputation in their community and amongst their patients.

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