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Annie Pava-Carreno

Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant

In today's world people are more informed and are taking greater responsibility for the choices that affect their wellbeing. Our Total Health program gives practices the tools and information needed to share the pivotal role of dentistry in health and wellness with their patients. As the practice adopts a Total Health approach to dentistry, it becomes increasingly clear how significant the role of the dental team is in enhancing the quality and longevity of their patients' lives. It adds tremendous value and pride to the work they do every day.

Karen McPartlin

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

Two of the most common areas of opportunity I find in dental offices are Recare and Perio, which can both be enhanced with a health and wellness focus. Patients fail to schedule timely hygiene visits because they don't understand how important these visits are. With proper scripting and the use of Total Health patient education materials, patients understand how critical their oral health is to their overall health, motivating them to schedule and maintain regular dental visits. However, preventative hygiene visits will not suffice for the 78% of the adult population with periodontal disease. Most offices I talk to are surprised to find their percentage of patients in perio treatment is so low. Using Total Health, hygienists have resources to explain the significance of periodontal disease and its connection to many systemic health problems. This information, combined with the Total Health Patient Guide outlining the periodontal options available, allows the patient to make an educated treatment decision in the best interest of his or her health. This process creates greater value for the dental appointment, increases case acceptance and helps to increase production within the hygiene department. Successful practices successfully educate their patients!

Trina Wheeler

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

Wellness education is one way I’ve been able to help practices improve both recare and treatment acceptance. To implement a Wellness Program in a practice, I start by meeting with the entire dental team to review the ways oral health affects overall health and share the latest statistics on periodontal disease, oral cancer, sleep disorders, heart disease, and diabetes. When the entire team is excited to share the message of wellness with patients, we use the Total Health materials to create a system of educating and motivating every patient in the practice to improve health and accept treatments.