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Gabi Garces

Director of US Career Development

One of the most powerful ways to maintain an impactful connection between your patients and your practice is by utilizing social media. A consistent connection will allow your patients to gain constant exposure to your practice...and it's all at their fingertips at any point of the day. I spend time with our clients to define a customized social media strategy. Many dental practices have YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, and business websites. All of these can be linked with your Facebook page to create consistent brand awareness. Three of the most important parts of a successful social media marketing plan are strategizing how to: get your patients to "like" you, create rich, impactful content, and have a consistent connection between your social media page and the rest of the marketing platforms you utilize. Ultimately an effective social media strategy will increase exposure to potential customers and reach target markets, positively influence search engine optimization (SEO) of your business website, and increase brand loyalty. Just remember, if your patients are investing in you through social media, invest in them by posting content that will make a positive impact on their oral and overall health.

Kevin Burniston

Director of US Career Development

At Henry Schein Dental we recognize the power of social media and we work hard to help our clients effectively use this evolving marketing tool. Our sales team teaches dental offices how to use social media to attract new patients, build relationships, and stay top of mind. Together we can implement a social media strategy "liked" by everyone.

Jack Abrams

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

I have been helping my clients with social media for years. We start by discussing the marketing activities that create a good reputation in their community and amongst their patients. Next we assess how the office is currently marketing, including social media, and the results of those activities. For offices not already focused on marketing, we discuss a variety of marketing opportunities and select the environments they are most comfortable with using the social media checklist. Right now, Facebook is one of the most popular selections so I recommend creating a Page on Facebook. I help the office set up a Page and they request patients to join and like the site. This gets them started on building a community of patients, associates, healthcare professionals, friends and family to help network and grow their practice, in addition to solidifying their sense of value and purpose in the practice.