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Kerry Straine

President and CEO of Straine Consulting

After working with dentists for more than twenty years and building a national consulting organization, I partnered with Henry Schein Dental in 2001 in order to assist with its vision of offering the most comprehensive solutions to dental practice owners in the nation. As a result of our shared vision and values, I have the honor of representing Henry Schein in its Career Development program by training its team of dental professionals on the principles of leadership and teamwork, best practices methodologies, management system design, custom policy development, and the prerequisites for developing successful hygiene departments. Together we have had the privilege of serving thousands of dental practices all across the country by creating comprehensive hygiene strategies that reflect the administrative, clinical, economic, and standard of care philosophies of their owners. We look forward to sharing with you the strength of our alliance and the many solutions we offer in your desire to build a dental practice that is a reflection of your unique dreams.

Mike Trautman

Henry Schein Regional Manager

One of the most common areas of opportunity I see in dental practices is the Recare program — a well-run Recare program can add 25% to the practice’s gross receipts! To assess Recare, I review a few key pieces of information: active patient count, number of hygiene appointments, hygiene standard of care, and percent of patients who met that standard. By benchmarking the current program, I am able to work with the doctor to set new recare goals, and then educate the doctor and staff on how they can meet those goals going forward. Often staff members are unsure how to explain the need for a return visit to patients, which can contribute to unscheduled or cancelled appointments. In fact, hygiene appointments are the number one cancelled appointments in dental practices. To help prevent this, I suggest scripting for these conversations so the staff is comfortable delivering the message and can ensure patients understand the link between dental care and their overall health. I also recommend doctors have a consultation with Kerry Straine. By working with the team on an ongoing-basis, Kerry can monitor the performance of the new Recare strategies and recommend any adjustments needed to meet the practice goals.

Randee Thompson

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

I view a good recare system like a good relationship – you already know you are going to have another date! My training with Henry Schein has given me the tools I need to help my customers create and implement effective, efficient, recall systems. I start by using our Practice Analysis to get a snapshot of how the office is performing with their existing system. Next I work with the doctor and office manager to determine the practice's standard of care and expectations of their team with regards to recare. This information helps me determine what changes need to be made to match the recare protocols to their practice philosophy. Finally, we use technology to ensure that the recare system is predictable and reliable. The days of sending a batch of postcards by mail and hoping the patients will call are behind us. Every virtual contact is another connection between the practice and the patient, solidifying the relationship and guaranteeing the next "date" is right around the corner.