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Jeff Blair

Henry Schein Zone Manager

In 2004 I realized much of the practice information that Henry Schein provides customers could be expanded and presented more comprehensively in a custom practice analysis. Working with Kerry Straine to develop practice benchmarks, we created the basis of what is now the Henry Schein Practice Analysis.  This tool provides dentists with a 1-year snapshot of what's happening in the practice. With this information, often dentists discover that the standards they have set for their practice are not always being met, knowledge that allows them to make positive changes in the practice. The analysis also helps Henry Schein create a plan of action for the dentist to meet their practice goals. By understanding where the practice is currently and how it compares to other practices, dramatic changes can be achieved.

Brian Brady

Henry Schein Regional Manager

Using data gathered from the office's practice management software, we're able to show the customer areas of improvement within the practice. In nearly every presentation, we uncover areas of opportunity from the hygiene department, from periodontal therapy to the practice's recall system.

Anthony Vander Meer

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

The Practice Analysis has been a vital tool in helping my clients grow their business and increase their production. Using this analysis, we can uncover opportunities in hygiene, radiology, office fees, and coding, as well as soft tissue management. Working with the doctor, we target the opportunities which fit best with his/her goals, most commonly hygiene and perio. To address these areas, I work with the entire team to implement a healthy mouth, healthy body philosophy. I educate the staff on the oral systemic link and provide suggestions on how to discuss this information with their patients. I also discuss and help implement technology which helps the staff better educate their patients on issues within the mouth. This increases production through increased hygiene visits and case acceptance for needed treatment. Many of my clients request a new analysis annually to see how we've improved and determine what areas to work on next. My goal for each practice analysis is to increase my client's production by $50,000 a year, which makes the cost of doing business with Henry Schein virtually free. Any company can put supplies in a box, only Henry Schein and I can help increase your production, decrease your overhead and lessen your stress.

Keith Killips

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

The Practice Analysis, combined with the book Coding with Confidence, is one of the most powerful tools I have to assist my customers. Using the practice’s own data, the results give doctors new insights into their business. Often offices discover that just by adhering to their own clinical standards of care, they can increase revenue immediately through their imaging and hygiene programs. With a closer look at perio coding, we often discover that codes being used do not reflect the true extent of treatment being provided and updated coding procedures will increase insurance reimbursement. The opportunities are endless!