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Dan Florczykowski

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

The average dental practice understands how important treating periodontal disease is for the overall systemic health and wellness of their patients but insurance down-coding, denied claims, and lack of patient acceptance often stand in the way of this vital treatment. Hygienists feel limited by insurance reimbursements, insurance coordinators get frustrated with denied claims, and doctors stress about being liable for treatment. During my Periodontal Management workshop, offices learn how to navigate and overcome these obstacles. They are able to implement periodontal protocols that improve patients overall health, maximize insurance reimbursements, and increase practice profitability.

Wendy Briggs RDH

President and CEO of Hygiene Diamonds

50% of all malpractice cases brought against dentists relate to undiagnosed periodontal disease. This can easily happen when offices are too busy to evaluate patients from a systemic health point of view. By helping dental teams put systems in place to address this need, they have more time to appropriately assess patients and talk to every patient about their periodontal health. To guide this discussion, we help implement a Periodontal Classification Worksheet which provides a consistent method of assessing patients. I then teach offices verbal skills for presenting periodontal information to patients in a way that increases case acceptance. We also establish protocols to help hygienists easily implement the latest science and technology to provide cutting edge periodontal service to their patients. After working with an office on their periodontal program, they often produce between $600‐1,000 per appointment in Hygiene!