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Brandi Folds

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

As a Sales Consultant and OSHA Compliance Trainer I have the ability to train my doctors on OSHA and help them become compliant. I typically spend two to three hours with the doctor and team during the training. We discuss the current OSHA systems in place and develop and implement new effective, efficient systems. Not only is the training and time beneficial to the doctor and team, but it also gives me the opportunity to get to know the team and learn more about the practice, helping me better meet their future needs.

Kimberly Smith

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

I have found this important area of employee safety and training to be overwhelming for many dental offices due to the various responsibilities of running a successful business. To clarify practice needs, I start with an OSHA audit checklist prior to our training. I review the checklist results with the team’s selected OSHA Compliance Officer to determine if there are areas for improvement, or if I need to spend more time reviewing a particular topic. I use this information to customize the training to best meet the needs of the practice. My customers appreciate having my on-going support to assist them with completing their annual OSHA compliance training, to answer OSHA related questions, and to help them through the audit process if ever needed.

Dr. Karson Carpenter

President, HPTC

I have been designing programs to assist dental offices in achieving compliance with OSHA requirements and infection control guidelines for over 20 years. For the last 8 years, I have also been training the Henry Schein team to provide OSHA and infection control compliance services to their clients. In my experience, it's critical that the entire dental team is involved in the process, and understands that these regulations were designed to protect them. The emphasis should be on practical safety training, not quoting rules and regulations. When training is completed this way, the results are unbelievable. We have had 100% success with offices trained by Henry Schein - not one OSHA fine! Too frequently I speak to offices that have had no training or have no documentation of their training, which leaves the doctor in a very vulnerable position. Protect yourself and your team by completing annual OSHA training with Henry Schein.

Sam Barry, DMD

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

During the 15 years I practiced dentistry, OSHA was an on going source of stress for my office. As a Henry Schein Sales Consultant, I was thrilled to learn that I could become an OSHA trainer/instructor and provide my customers with the type of assistance that I could have benefited from in my own practice. Helping dental offices understand and comply with OSHA regulations is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.