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Jim Philhower

Director of North America Sales Leadership Development

Often practices overlook one of their greatest marketing opportunities - the existing strengths of the practice. I teach Henry Schein Sales Consultants and doctors how to use these strengths to create effective internal marketing programs that generate referrals. The first step is to establish your new patient goal, with the guideline that the average office needs 20–25 new patients per month per dentist for continued growth. After determining the right goal for you, our team will help you implement a marketing plan to reach that goal.

Danny Nuccio

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

When assisting an office with marketing, my first step is a practice analysis to determine how many new patients per month the practice needs, i.e. their new marketing goal. Next we work on three things: deepening their relationships with existing patients, generating more referrals, and attracting more patients into the practice. I recommend a social media strategy to assist with the first two. Facebook is a great way for offices to interact with their patients on a personal level, building relationships while also making it easy for patients to recommend you to their facebook friends. You can also use facebook advertising to target market directly to your ideal patient base, which can be much more efficient than traditional marketing. The second tool I recommend is Total Health. This program helps offices differentiate themselves for potential patients. Treating the overall health of patients is not only the best possible care you can provide, it's also an approach which can drive new patients into your practice, while decreasing cancellations from current patients. A win, win!

Kirk Greenway

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

One of my favorite conversations to have with doctors is about building the business side of their practice to produce the results they desire. As we discuss what the doctor is looking for, we look specifically at how Marketing can help achieve those goals. In a dental practice, marketing isn’t just about selling a product or service, it’s also about conveying the right message to the public. That’s why Brand Clarification is the first step in the marketing process, from which all marketing strategies are built. Next we work to identify what the office is currently doing for internal marketing as well as external. Since statistically nearly 80% of new patients are the result of referrals, internal marketing is vital to the practice. Fortunately, Henry Schein is second to none in proprietary marketing solutions that allow me to provide the most effective marketing strategies available and meet the goals of my customers.

Christy Conway

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

Dentists are always looking to increase their patient base. I start by assisting them in setting their new patient goal and then reviewing strategies to meet that goal. This includes managing their online reputation and patient reviews. It particularly involves coordinating all online activities such as the practice's website, Facebook page and YouTube videos. These strategies can help to optimize their Google ranking or I help them implement an internal marketing program to increase referrals. Helping my dentists make a few relatively small changes has resulted in generating an additional 10 - 20 new patients a month!