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According to the CDC, 50% of the adult population has some form of periodontal disease while industry estimates show only 3% receives treatment. Henry Schein can assist you with setting clinical standards of care for soft-tissue management, and determining office protocols to adhere to those standards, which is essential to the health of your patients and the health of your practice.

Henry Schein Solutions


Team Training Institute: Consulting
Comprehensive systems and operations consulting by practicing dentists, hygienists and practice administrators, starting with the hygiene department for the most immediate results.

Total Health Beyond the Mouth
Total Health is a patient education program, focused on the oral/systemic connection, that can help you increase periodontal treatment acceptance.

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Henry Schein - Marketing - Dan Florczykowski

Dan Florczykowski
Henry Schein Sales Consultant

The average dental practice understands how important treating periodontal disease is for the overall systemic health and wellness of their patients but insurance down-coding, denied claims, and lack of patient acceptance often stand in the way of this vital treatment...

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Henry Schein - Marketing - Wendy Briggs

Wendy Briggs RDH
President and CEO of Hygiene Diamonds

50% of all malpractice cases brought against dentists relate to undiagnosed periodontal disease. This can easily happen when offices are too busy to evaluate patients from a systemic health point of view...

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