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Navigating thru the maze of dental coding, medical billing, insurance plans, benefits, claims, approvals, and denials is one of the most time-consuming and complex tasks a dental office tackles. Despite the challenges associated with insurance, over 80% of dental offices participate in PPO insurance plans. Understanding how to code and document dental procedures correctly is essential to getting dental claims paid. Henry Schein can help you optimize insurance participation and operate a profitable practice in today's insurance-driven marketplace.

Please be aware any references to reimbursement or coding information are for informational purposes only. Selection of appropriate codes is the sole responsibility of the billing party.

Henry Schein Solutions


Coding with Confidence: The Go-To Dental Insurance Guide
Use this reference guide from coding expert, Dr. Charles Blair, to dramatically cut coding errors and boost legitimate reimbursement.

Administration with Confidence: The Go-To Insurance Administration Guide
Reduce insurance delays and denials with this manual from the coding expert, Dr. Charles Blair.

Practice Booster: Online Code Advisor
Dr. Charles Blair's online Practice Booster system helps eliminate costly coding errors and recover lost revenue.

Unitas Dental: Insurance Optimization Service
Unitas offers an affordable, outsourced solution for managing PPO contract relationships.

Million Dollar PPO Consulting
Build a profitable PPO practice by improving efficiencies in practice management and clinical care. For PPO practices, this is critical to ensure profitability in a reduced fee environment.

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Henry Schein - Overhead Reduction

Dr. Charles Blair
CEO of Dr. Charles Blair & Associates

With years of experience writing and speaking about coding, I have seen first-hand the impact improper coding and record keeping can have on a practice from loss of revenue, malpractice lawsuits and fines, to even jail time.

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Henry Schein - Insurance Management - Phil Cassis

Phil Cassis
Henry Schein Business Consulting Specialist

As PPO plans continue to dominate the dental insurance marketplace, practices struggle with the stresses and pressures that these reduced plans create. We are able to help practices develop and implement an insurance management plan that will effectively manage their PPO contracts...

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