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Communication is the foundation of all relationships. Henry Schein can you improve team and patient communication to develop greater trust, build a stronger team, and increase productivity and efficiency. Better communication and HR procedures also help prevent staff turnover. In the average dental office, a staff member turns over every 8 months. At a cost of up to 2 months in salary to replace an employee, this expense is monetarily and emotionally draining. With the appropriate tools in place, you can create a stable, efficient team that will help your practice thrive.

Henry Schein Solutions


Bent Ericksen: HR and Employment Compliance Materials and Support
Bent Ericksen’s continuously updated, online suite of HR services and applications will simplify your life, alleviate risk, and allow your team to function more harmoniously.

DRC: Online Training for Every Team Member
Clinical, regulatory, and practice management e-learning modules available to the entire team for one low subscription fee.

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Henry Schein - Marketing - Josh Swearingen

Josh Swearingen
Henry Schein Sales Consultant

Of the myriad of business services and trainings I offer to doctors, Behavioral Styles is not only my favorite to teach; it's also one of the services where I see the greatest immediate impact within the practice.

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Henry Schein - Marketing - Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice
Henry Schein Sales Consultant

A Team Harmony lunch and learn is designed to open up communication within the dental team. Although every practice can benefit from this, I make it a priority for offices that have tension or difficulty communicating.

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