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A Message From Tim Sullivan, President of Henry Schein Dental

Henry Schein is so much more than your average distributor. We believe in helping our customers operate more efficient practices so they can focus on delivering quality patient care. You can rely on us, as trusted advisors, to understand your challenges and offer industry-leading solutions and services to help you reach your goals. We appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate how Henry Schein can enhance your practice.

Henry Schein - Practice Analysis
Henry Schein - Marketing - Brian Brady

Brian Brady
Henry Schein Regional Manager

Using data gathered from the office's practice management software, we're able to show the customer areas of improvement within the practice.

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Henry Schein - Marketing - Anthony Vander Meer

Anthony Vander Meer
Henry Schein Sales Consultant

The Practice Analysis has been a vital tool in helping my clients grow their business and increase their production. Using this analysis, we can uncover opportunities in hygiene, radiology, office fees, and coding, as well as soft tissue management.

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